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Mr. Anderson was awesome representing my son in criminal defense. He was able to get two felonies lowered to misdemeanors with probation. We are very thankful for Mr. Anderson’s persistence, patience and compassion.

– S. Goodman

One of the best attorneys I’ve ever done business with. There were no surprises, he kept me well informed the entire duration of my case. His fees are fair and his due diligence is phenomenal. I had a great experience in a most difficult time.

– K. James

Mr Anderson is very professional readily available with online access 24 hrs a day. I live in the Los Angeles area and my case was 15 yrs old in the state of Colorado. Mr Anderson handled my case with knowledge, dignity, and respect. When I was faced with tough decisions he was honest, direct, and communicated very well. Overall my case came out better then expected thanks to Mr. Anderson.

– Dina

Great Attorney. I would hire John to represent me again, he kept me well informed and gave me great advice that I followed and soon things will all be in the past. Fair, Honest, and charged a fee that I could afford!

– J. VanNewHouse

Mr. John Anderson went beyond his way to supply me with counsel. First off by accepting a phone call at 4 am from my wife asking for his help, to provide me with counsel I needed. Mr. Anderson shows concern for the people and wants to help people, not in it for the glory or money. Mr. Anderson is a well educated man and understands not just the law but things people go through in life. Mr. Anderson is a person who feels the law should be upheld by citizens, and law enforcement, the judicial side of it also. I am not a man of words putting them together in a review. I put my trust in John Anderson and i believe that i could of not got a better outcome of my case without him or with different counsel.

– Greg

Definitely would recommend to ANYONE in need of a worker’s compensation lawyer. He were always quick to respond via email or by phone. John always made sure I was aware of the process and steps to resolution. He made me feel i was more than just a case, but actuality care about my position and future after the case is closed.

– Brian

I met with Mr. Anderson for advice on denial of unemployment benefits and possible workers compensation. He won both cases and I was awarded a sizeable settlement. He was prompt to respond to my questions, and guided me through the process. Professional and thorough.

– Penny

I gave John 5 stars because he made us feel comfortable and informed, our expectations were exceeded throughout the process. The office staff was courteous and professional. When it comes to communication John was always available if we ever had any questions. We were looking at 6 years and the outcome was 3 months, I can’t thank John and his staff enough.

– Christina

John Anderson’s excellent legal representation and advice led to a favorable outcome for a loved one. I would recommend John if you are faced with a DUI or other related matters. His skill and compassion for people make him an excellent attorney in this area.

– Jenny

Mr. Anderson is the real lawyer you want on your side ,when your standing in front of a Judge. He is honest and true. He offers great prices for his services.

– Nick

A great lawyer. Compassion and kindness abound here. Thank you Mr Anderson for what you do.

– Gary

Pensé que la representación de John de mí era buena; Me gustó mucho trabajar con él y cómo el manejo el caso mío.

Cuando llegó el momento de resolver mi caso, John explicó el proceso para mí y el valor de mi caso. Creo que si recibí un buen asentamiento.

John hizo un bueno trabajo en explicar lo que estaba pasando en mi caso para que yo pudiera entenderlo, yo siempre sabía lo que estábamos haciendo para la próxima vez y por que, eso siempre fue importante para mí, porque yo soy un hablante de español.

Siempre me gusto que John me ayudo mucho, el se aseguro de que me dieron los beneficios y de atención medica que necesitaba. Mi salud siempre su puso primero cuando trabajaba con John, que me hizo sentir mejor y seguro, me sentía como si estuviere muy buen cuidado.

John y si personal siempre regresaron mis llamadas de ese día o al día siguiente. Ellos eran buenos en la comprensión de mis preocupaciones y saber qué hacer con ellos. Yo recomendaría a John a cualquier persona que necesite un abogado de compensación a los buenos trabajadores, ya he recomendado a mucha gente a él.

Mr. Anderson’s representation of me was good, I really enjoyed working with him and how he handled my case. When it was time to settle my case, he explained the process to me and the value of my case, and I believe I got a good settlement.

John did a good job at explaining what was going on in my case so that I could understand it, I always knew what we were doing next and why, which was always important for me because I am a Spanish speaker.

I always appreciated that John helped me out a lot, he made sure I got the benefits and healthcare that I needed. My health was always put first when working with John, which made me feel better and secure, I felt like I was very well taken care of.

John and his staff always returned my calls that day or the next day. They were good at understanding my concerns and knowing what to do about them. I would recommend John to anyone who needs a good workers’ compensation attorney, I have already recommended a lot of people to him.

– Alberto

What I thought about his representation, well the attorneys always just want to help themselves but, in the end as I got to know him I noticed that he does care a lot about his clients, he cared enough for me to fight for me to get a new doctor and thanks to him I am better than I was before the first surgery. People after an accident are never the same but with an attorney like him it makes things a lot better.

I always appreciated that John helped me find a different doctor, a doctor that was going to give me the treatment that I really needed.

John always put my health first. It made me feel more safe and sure.

John and his staff always returned my called that or the next day. They were great at understanding my concerns and knowing what to do about them. I give him a really good rating on a scale of 1 to 10 I give him a 10.

John always explained what was going-on in my case so that I could understand it, and helped me understand what we were doing next and why. That was especially important to me because I am a Spanish speaker. Anytime there was a change or anything he would always make sure to call me not just on my cell phone but on my house phone.

When it was time to settle my case, John explained the process to me and the value of my case. I believe that my settlement was fair, that was all he could fight for.
I would recommend John to anyone who needs a good workers compensation attorney.

Abogados siempre sólo quieren ayudarse a ellos mismos, pero, al final, como llegué a conocerlo me di cuenta de que él se preocupa mucho acerca de sus clientes. El se preocupó lo suficiente para mí para luchar para que consiga un nuevo doctor y gracias a él estoy mejor de lo que era antes de la primera cirugía. La gente después de un accidente nunca son lo mismo pero con un abogado como él hace las cosas mucho más mejor.

Siempre aprecié que John me ayudó a encontrar otro médico, un médico que se me va a dar el tratamiento que realmente necesitaba. John siempre puso primero mi salud. Me hizo sentir más seguro.

John y su personal siempre devuelvan mis llamada ese mismo día o al día siguiente. Ellos eran geniales en la comprensión de mis preocupaciones y saber qué hacer con ellos. Lo realmente una buena calificación en una escala de 1 al 10 le doy un 10.

John siempre explicó lo que estaba pasando en mi caso, para que yo pudiera entender, y me ayudó a entender lo que estábamos haciendo después y por qué. Eso fue muy importante para mí porque soy un hablante español. Cada vez que hay un cambio o algo que siempre se aseguraría de que me llame y no sólo en mi teléfono celular, pero en mi teléfono de la casa.

Cuando llegó el momento de resolver mi caso, John explicó el proceso para mí y el valor de mi caso. Creo que mi establecimiento era justo, eso era lo único que podía luchar.

Yo recomendaría a John a cualquier persona que necesita un buen abogado de compensación de trabajadores.

– Pedro

John Anderson works diligently to obtain medical treatment and disability benefits for his clients BEFORE moving onto the settlement or trial phase of his representation-which is a refreshing given the current trend of insurance companies convincing attorneys and their clients to settle early. Far too many attorneys talk their clients into early settlement which is what the insurance carriers want: a claim off their books and the reserves reduced to zero. John worked inside the insurance industry for some fifteen years before deciding to help individuals with workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. His knowledge of how insurance carriers evaluate claims works to his clients advantage. John has not forgotten that the purpose of workers’ compensation is for injured workers to receive medical treatment and temporary disability payments while under treatment-not to settle early before the needed treatment occurs.

– Edward Rutyna

John is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney representing injured workers in the Denver area. He has a background that makes him familiar with the way that insurance companies handle cases and that is helpful in dealing with them on the opposing side. I would recommend him for those on the north side of town that need assistance.

– John Connell

I endorse this lawyer. I have read Mr. Anderson’s answers to questions many times, and I have found his answers to be accurate and helpful. I would not hesitate to refer a client to him in a car accident or workers compensation case.

– David Alexander

I endorse this lawyer. John is a like-minded practitioner who I would prefer folks to in Colorado as needed.

– Sigismund Wysolmerski

I endorse this lawyer. John cares about his clients and works hard for them. I know his experience on both sides really have helped him understand the nuances of the practice.

– Elsa Tenreiro

I endorse this lawyer. I worked with John on numerous workers compensation claims when he was with Pinnacol Assurance. He really knows the workers compensation system inside and out. John is thorough and highly knowledgable in the area of workers compensation. I would highly recommend John if anyone needs representation in their workers compensation claim.

– Gordon Heuser