What is the Ticket to Work Program in Colorado?

Colorado has a voluntary program that allows recipients of Social Security Disability and Supplemental Income benefits to try out employment without jeopardizing your current benefits. The idea behind this program, called Ticket to Work, is to let recipients explore their abilities, desire to learn new skills, and stamina to hold down a job. The goal is to encourage self-sufficiency when possible.

Ticket to Work is voluntary. You decide whether you want to explore the possibilities of employment. Once you receive your Ticket to Work, you can decide that you are ready now or postpone that decision until later. You will not be penalized for choosing not to work. However, you will still be subject to Social Security continuing medical reviews.

Benefits of Ticket to Work

Exploring your capacity to return to work does not jeopardize your current stipends while offering some significant new benefits such as the following:

      • While using your Ticket to Work you will be excused from Social Security Continuing Disability Reviews, which will save you time and prevent inconvenience.
      • You will be able to choose a provider for employment-related services that meets your needs and location and receive these services at no cost.
      • You can try working without risk of losing your cash benefits from Social Security, just in case the job doesn’t work out.

How do I use my Ticket to Work? Just take your Ticket to work to an Employment Network where a counselor will help you develop a plan, offer you employment-related services to help you implement your plan, and get you started.

Can I keep my health care? These are questions that the Employment Network counselor can help answer for you. Generally,

      • SSI: You can continue healthcare coverage through the 1619B program if you fit into the earnings threshold.
      • SSDI: You might be eligible for Medicaid for the Working Disabled program which will allow you to keep your health care coverage even if you go off SSDI.

What happens if I realize I just cannot work? With the expedited reinstatement provision, if you have been working for no longer than five years and just cannot continue, you can reinstate your benefits as quickly as within a month. Social Security will continue providing benefits for up to six months while it reevaluates your disability. If you are no longer eligible for benefits, you will not have to return any of the interim payments received while under review.

Contact a Social Security disability benefits attorney in Adams County

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