Is PTSD Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly known as PTSD, is a mental health condition that arises from experiencing or witnessing a horrifying or gruesome event. People with PTSD can suffer from flashbacks, depression, nightmares, anxiety, an emotionally numbing or detachment, and the loss of interest in life or daily activities. In other words, PTSD is a very painful condition that needs to be treated by medical professionals.

While most people don’t associate PTSD with workers’ compensation, far more people suffer from PTSD then we think and often their condition arises because of something they witnessed at work. First Aid responders, firemen, construction workers and police officers are some of the most common professions that experience PTSD.

Although in the past, people in these professions were not eligible to receive benefits from the government to treat their condition (since traumatic experiences were considered part of the job), in 2017, Colorado passed a law to open up workers’ compensation benefits to PTSD victims.

Proving your PTSD workers’ compensation claim

Because PTSD is a psychiatric disorder, it is more difficult to prove than a physical injury, which is why most PTSD cases are scrutinized closely to weed out any fraudulent claims. While there are no set rules dictating what a worker needs to experience in order to justify applying for workers’ compensation benefits to treat PTSD, some examples of work-related incidences that could qualify a person to receive workers’ compensation include:

  • A teacher, school employee, or staff member witnesses a shooting at their job.
  • A laborer or construction worker sees an accident where a co-worker dies or is severely injured in a gruesome manner.
  • A firefighter, EMT, or police officer witnesses a horrible accident or violent scene.

The best way you can prepare for your workers’ compensation claim is by seeking medical treatment immediately so that when the time comes you will be able to provide documentation from doctors and specialists to back up your claim. If you’re filing for workers’ compensation for PTSD, having an attorney on your side is your best option.

Contact an experienced workers’ compensation PTSD lawyer in Colorado

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