How to get Social Security Benefits Faster

For some people who are put out of work because of an injury or illness, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can be their only lifeline. Unfortunately, it’s common for the claims process to take months, and for many people to be denied the first time they apply.

Although it is very difficult to actually speed up the process, some claims are reviewed before others, and by avoiding mistakes or inaccuracies on your application you can save a great deal of time and headache.

The Social Security Claims Process

Like many government programs, the Social Security Disability Insurance benefit claim process can be complicated. Here are some tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible:

  • Check if you meet the criteria for Compassionate Allowance. The Compassionate Allowance list is comprised of conditions that are so severe that disability is inevitable. If your condition appears on the list, your case will be expedited for review. You can find the complete Compassionate Allowance list HERE.
  • Fill out forms correctly. The application process involves lots of paperwork where you will be asked for personal and professional information, such as contact information for doctors and other healthcare practitioners. If you leave blanks on the forms or fill them out inaccurately, you risk delaying your application or having your claim denied.
  • Submit medical records. Although the SSA will contact your doctors and physicians separately to request your records, it can be a slow process. To avoid delays, after submitting your application for benefits, submit copies of your medical records directly to the SSA.
  • Express “dire need.” If you lack shelter, food, medical care or other necessities, the SSA may be able to expedite your claim. To be considered, you will have to submit a letter outlining your hardships.
  • File your appeals quickly. If your first claim is denied, don’t wait around to file an appeal. Do it right away.
  • Hire an attorney. Because the application process can be complicated, it helps to have an experienced SSDI benefits claim attorney on your side.

Contact an experienced Social Security Disability Insurance attorney

If you live in Colorado and are applying for SSDI, the Law Office of John A. Anderson, Jr., LLC can help you submit an accurate application and increase the chances of your claim being accepted. If you’ve submitted a claim and it was denied, we can help with the appeals process. The Law Office of John A. Anderson, Jr, offers trusted legal care you can count on. If you live in Brighton, Commerce City, or Thornton, contact us online or call (303) 880-7994 today for a consultation.