What is the Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool (BEST)?

If you are applying for benefits from the government, there are parts of the application process that can be tricky, if not downright frustrating. However, determining whether or not you are eligible for benefits is easy thanks to the Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool, also known as BEST.

BEST is a free 10-minute online test that uses your answers to determine which, if any, government programs you may be eligible for. If you are considering applying for SSDI benefits or any other type of government benefit program, BEST can help.

Some things to know about BEST

BEST is an easy-to-use tool that was created to help people determine if they are eligible for government benefits. However, it is not an application for benefits and will not give you an estimate of your benefit amounts.

Here is some more information about BEST:

  • It checks a variety of programs. BEST can be used to check if you are eligible for government program such as Medicare, Social Security Retirement, Social Security Disability, Social Security Survivors, Supplemental Security Income, and Special Veterans.
  • It is anonymous. BEST will not ask for your name or Social Security number, nor will it access your personal information or records.
  • There is no record. All your input will be immediately deleted when you exit the program. When using BEST, issues like identity theft are not a problem.
  • General information. BEST will ask you general questions like your birthdate, date of marriage, and financial information related to your earnings.
  • You can use best for someone else. If you want to know whether a friend or loved one is eligible for government benefits, you can answer the questions as if you were the other person and determine if they are eligible.

If you are considering applying for government benefits but are unsure if you qualify, the Benefits Eligibility Screen Tool is available online. If you’ve already taken the BEST test and determined you are eligible for SSDI benefits, then it’s time to start preparing for the application process.

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