Do You Need a Lawyer for a Social Security Disability Case?

The chances are good you will need an attorney to help you with a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance. Let’s examine why.

Each year, people across America become disabled and apply for benefits they are due from SSDI. About one in four workers currently in their 20’s will suffer a disability before they reach retirement age. During your working career, your payroll tax deductions vest you into the SSDI program.

If you become disabled, it can seem like an uphill battle to obtain the SSDI benefits to which you are entitled. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a strict definition of the type of disability for which they pay, and you need enough time in the workforce to qualify.

For disabled workers, SSDI payments are a modest form of support to keep the lights on. While the income is not what you might have earned, it may be enough to help get by.

What can an SSDI attorney do for you?

Reputable SSDI attorneys work to help you achieve all the disability benefits for which you are eligible. They endeavor to help you get the long-term disability payments you need to stay afloat.

Disability attorneys do not work for free, but their fees are reviewed by the SSA. Legal fees on an SSDI case cannot exceed 25 percent of the past-due (not future) benefits achieved on your behalf. An experienced SSDI attorney will walk you through the fee arrangement. You do not pay legal fees outright because they are drawn only from your past-due award.

Since paying legal fees is usually the speed bump to retaining an attorney, you do not need to worry about being price-gouged. When you get past that, the benefits for using an attorney are many, including:

  • An experienced attorney will ensure your original SSDI application is prepared correctly, includes all required records, and provides your best shot at SSDI approval the first time around.
  • If you are denied, your attorney will counsel you on why you were denied and help you prepare your request for a hearing, including new medical information and making sure your documents are filed in time.
  • A knowledgeable attorney educates you about the SSDI appeals process and thoroughly prepares you for your initial and subsequent hearings. You will go over your testimony and respond to questions from the administrative law judge. Your legal counsel already knows the problems and pitfalls that are ahead, and helps you avoid issues that can result in further denial of your benefits.

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The SSDI appeals process is unfortunately lengthy and complicated when an initial application is denied. In most cases, it is in your long-term interests to get knowledgeable legal guidance that helps you obtain benefits as soon as possible.

Brighton disability lawyer fights to obtain SSDI benefits on your behalf

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