How a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Calculator Works

Used by law enforcement and recreational drinkers alike, blood alcohol content (BAC) calculators help determine if a person is too drunk to drive. If you are stopped for drunk driving, and take a breathalyzer or chemical test, consult with a DUI attorney in Colorado as soon as possible. Even if one of these tests shows that you were over the limit, the results may be inaccurate as a result of certain variables.

Understanding BAC calculators

The first thing you need to know about BAC calculators is that they provide an “estimate” of your alcohol levels, not an exact percentage. Next, you need to understand that “blood alcohol content” refers to the concentration of alcohol present in your blood. Generally, BAC is measured as mass/volume. So if you have a BAC of .08, this means that there is .08 grams of alcohol per 100 grams of your blood.

BAC calculators consider many factors such as age, sex, gender, weight, type of beverage, number of drinks, and time elapsed since drinking began. Then, they provide a rough estimate of what a person’s BAC might be.

Why BAC calculators may be wrong

Because people consume and burn off alcohol at different rates, BAC calculators can never be entirely accurate. Additionally, varying metabolism rates, medications that might be consumed, how often a person drinks, portion size of food eaten and different health issues can all affect a person’s BAC reading.

Two other key factors BAC calculators fail to consider are:

  1. Serving size: BAC calculators assume a standard U.S. serving. If you consume beverages out of novelty cups, festival glasses, or other non-standard drinkware, the results may be completely off.
  2. Time between drinks: Although BAC calculators consider the time elapsed since drinking began, they do not factor in the time between drinks.

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