Five Steps You Can Take for the Best Chance of Success in a DUI Case

Being charged with and convicted of DUI in Colorado can have a profound effect on your personal life and your family’s future.

With a DUI charge, you may face:

  • Heavy fines and costs;
  • A mandatory jail sentence;
  • An order to complete community service;
  • Alcohol and/or drug treatment;
  • Supervised probation for a period of time;
  • License suspension for a period of time.

All of these penalties and consequences can affect your ability to maintain employment and meet your personal and familial expenses. In this article, we cover 5 tips for increasing your chance of a successful outcome if you’re charged with a DUI offense.

Tips for Increasing the Chances of Success in Your DUI Case

1. Have your documents ready for the officer. When you are pulled over, the officer will ask for your driver’s license, registration, and/or insurance information. Fumbling for these documents can suggest that you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Consider having these three documents readily available to you and separated from other items in your glove box or wallet so you can quickly and easily retrieve them if asked.

2. Be polite but do not engage the officer in conversation. The officer will attempt to engage you in conversation in order to (1) attempt to detect alcohol on your breath; and/or (2) get you to make incriminating statements. You do not need to answer the officer’s questions about whether you had consumed alcohol before driving or if you had just come from a bar or party. Verify your identity, if asked, and politely but firmly refuse to answer any other questions asked by the officer. If you are refusing to complete the field sobriety tests and/or the preliminary breath test, communicate this refusal politely but directly.

3. Consider refusing field sobriety tests and the preliminary breath test, if offered. The preliminary breath test is the portable breath test offered by the officer on the side of the road before you have been placed under arrest. An officer will need to rely on other information and evidence in order to develop probable cause to arrest you. (Be aware that the officer may infer you are over the limit if you refuse these tests; however, the officer cannot arrest you simply because you refuse to perform either the field sobriety tests).

4. Request an independent blood test. You have the right to request an independent blood test after you have completed the breath (not the preliminary breath test) and/or blood test requested by the arresting officer. The results of this independent test may reveal flaws in the breath and/or blood test completed by the law enforcement officer and can help your DUI case.

Finally, speak with an attorney as soon as possible. The best way to protect your rights throughout your DUI case and to increase the chances of a favorable outcome is to enlist the assistance of a DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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