What Is Third Party Liability?

When a workplace accident occurs because of the negligence on the part of a subcontractor, manufacturer, driver, or property owner, the employee in addition to seeking workers’ compensation benefits from his or her employer, may also able to recover damages against any third party that contributed to his or her workplace injury.

Exposure to Toxic or Noxious Chemicals

On July 29, 2015 the Denver Post ran a story of a man, James Freemyer, who passed away on the job from exposure to noxious fumes. Certainly the workers’ compensation insurance carrier disagreed but the Workers’ Compensation judge ruled that the death was a proper worker compensation claim and that the worker’s widow will receive […]

Repetitive Motion Injury

When someone mentions repetitive motion injuries the common example that comes to mind is a clerical worker getting carpal tunnel syndrome from typing and other clerical work. It is certainly true that carpal tunnel syndrome is a common ailment amongst clerical workers, but many other people get carpal tunnel syndrome also including lawyers, journalists, professors as well as anyone required to type a lot. If the bulk of your tying and similar activities occur at work and you get a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome you should certainly speak with a workers' compensation attorney. But more importantly, there are many many other workers who suffer from conditions that are just as egregious as, if not more so, than carpal tunnel syndrome that can be directly caused by work related activity. Carpal tunnel and many other conditions are a result of repetitive motion injuries, which often enough occur almost exclusively at work. Warehouse workers and even truck drivers who handle their own deliveries often get back or spinal injuries as a result of constant bending over and picking up heavy boxes or other objects. Hand and foot injuries due to working on an assembly line are also common injuries. Even scientists could get neck injuries from bending over looking into microscopes, as did one laboratory worker in a federal workers compensation case. The problem with these types of cases is that many workers' compensation carriers will oppose or contest liability, especially in repetitive injury cases, wherein it is difficult to prove causation.

Workers’ Compensation vs. Personal Injury – What’s the Difference?

The core of any workers’ compensation and personal injury case is the injury to the affected person. While one forum requires fault for successful recovery, another does not. Available recovery options are also different. The damages awarded to an individual who suffers an on the job injury differs from the damages awarded to an individual following a car accident, or personal injury claim. Lastly, who can be sued is a significant difference when comparing a worker ‘compensation versus a personal injury lawsuit. Read below for more details.

4 of the Most Common Workers Compensation Benefits Filing Mistakes

Suffering an on the job injury is one of the most stressful events of an employee’s life. Immediately a concern for your health and job arise. During the moments immediately following a workplace accident, it is difficult to focus on filing a workers’ compensation claim. However, the medical bills immediately pile up and you may need to request time off of work as soon as the next day following an on the job injury. The following post will examine the most common mistakes made when filing for workers’ compensation benefits in Adams County.

How to Get Paid Workers Compensation As Soon As Possible

Workers' compensation insurance carriers are no different from any other insurance company or from most businesses for that matter. They do not like to pay out on a claims if they do not have to. Even when they do pay on their claims, they prefer to pay less rather than more. In an effort to ensure that your workers' compensation claim is not denied or held up for any reason, it is always best to report the accident as soon as possible after you have an accident.

What To Do When You’re Unsatisfied With Your Colorado Workers’ Compensation Settlement Offer

Claiming workers’ compensation in Adams County is sometimes a frustrating experience. Employers are required by Colorado state law to provide workers’ compensation benefits to any worker who is injured on the job. However, if you feel as if your compensation settlement or the benefits you receive are unfair, there are steps you must follow to ensure that you receive the benefits and settlement to which you are entitled. Speaking to a Brighton workers comp lawyer can greatly assist you in moving your claim through the Workers’ Compensation system.